Potential for holistic health in Thailand

Miskawaan Health Group (MHG) sees potential for the growth of the holistic health trend in Thailand.

As people wake up to health protection amid health crises, MHG is confident that after life returns to normal, people will be more aware and conscious of sustainable healthcare.

Spa and wellness businesses represent one of Thailand’s high potential industries. Thailand is also a favourite destination for health tourists from around the globe.

MHG has branches in Germany, Austria, Hong Kong, and Thailand, with one in Bangkok, and the other on Koh Samui.

For the Koh Samui branch, MHG collaborates with a local resort. The facility consists of 11 beachfront villas on a white sandy beach, designed for ultimate privacy with amenities and activities such as diving, snorkelling, beach yoga, and more, so that those who seek treatment can be diagnosed and enjoy their vacation at the same time.

Dr. Johannes Wessolly explains that the treatment approach MHG takes is functional medicine backed by scientific knowledge and designed to systematically treat chronic illnesses. The treatment process begins by researching the causes that lead to the disease of each individual, coupled with analysis from a team of medical experts. A treatment and rehabilitation plan is then designed based on the causes in order to provide an effective therapy for those who seek care.

“Clients who complete a comprehensive physical examination will receive a customised dietary plan, including dietary supplements made from 100% natural ingredients to meet their individual needs, and also natural therapy programmes tailored to their needs, that could include chelation therapy, multivitamin and mineral IV infusion, ozone therapy, or Vicorder screening. The key is to combine natural therapy with modern diagnosis to create an effective preventive individualised healthcare plan.”

Natural healing methods are gaining more attention around the world, including in Thailand. This is because the heart of functional medicine is the understanding of the complexity of the human body as a unit of biological systems. By combining the holistic principle with biological knowledge to take care of body and health, not only can providers ensure safe treatment but also improve the efficiency of the immune system without the need to rely on medications or chemical treatments.