Promoting German health tourism

The past year has brought the value of health and self-care to the forefront of peoples’ minds, and this has been reflected in the German National Tourist Board (GNTB)’s health and wellness campaign of 2021.

Germany is a top destination for health conscious travellers looking to re-charge their batteries.

The country’s medical tourism sector is still being promoted, but with Europe expected to have problems for many more months, health tourism is being seen as the priority.

Specific regions, like Cologne, do still see medical tourism playing an important role for the long run in terms of the associated value added for tourism. It expects 2021 to become a year of transition with the flow of tourism to Cologne recovering and developing from next year, coming first from the surrounding region and Germany as a whole, and then from neighbouring markets such as Belgium and the Netherlands. The city does not expect to see a normalisation of tourism until 2023/24.