Recovery in European travel

The latest research for the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) by Oxford Economics, suggests that European tourism is in recovery. The EU Digital COVID Certificate is also being increasingly seen as a global standard for post-pandemic travel, with more than 591 million certificates issued. The recovery is set to accelerate in 2022, which is good news for medical tourism.

The implementation of digital solutions that enable all travellers to easily prove their COVID status (such as the EU’s Digital COVID Certificate), is speeding up the process at borders around the world.

Vaccination campaigns around Europe have brought about significant progress in the fight against COVID-19. Nevertheless, the situation in some countries remains very serious. The European Council has said that in order to further increase vaccination rates throughout the Union, efforts to overcome vaccine hesitancy should be stepped up, including by tackling disinformation, notably on social media platforms. It also says it is necessary to remain vigilant regarding the emergence and spread of possible new variants.

The European Council calls for further coordination to facilitate free movement within, and travel into, the EU. It encourages the European Commission to accelerate its work regarding mutual recognition of certificates with third countries.

A new European Commission on the EU Digital COVID Certificate and its implementation across the EU shows that the EU certificate has been a crucial element in Europe’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 591 million certificates generated. The certificate, which covers COVID-19 vaccination, test and recovery, facilitates safe travel for citizens.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate is currently the only system already in operation at international level. 43 countries across four continents are plugged into the system covering 27 EU Member States, three European Economic Area countries, Switzerland, and 12 other countries and territories. Discussions are under way with 28 more countries including the UK.

20 EU Member States also use the EU Digital COVID Certificate for domestic purposes, such as for the access to large events and restaurants, cinemas and museums.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate system has given travellers the confidence to travel safely in the EU and boosted travel this summer.