Rejuvenation in Iceland

Biostem Technologies plans to build a rejuvenation spa resort, to include stem cell treatment in Reykjavik. The David Wolfe Rejuvenation Centre will offer Scandinavian Spa Services.

US group Biostem Technologies has bought 98 acres of waterfront property in Reykjavik and plans to build a rejuvenation spa resort, to include stem cell treatment.

The property is a 20-minute drive from the city centre and enables Biostem Technologies to move ahead with plans to expand into European markets.

The David Wolfe Rejuvenation Centre will offer Scandinavian Spa Services:

  • massage
  • colon cleansing
  • sauna
  • cold plunge
  • steam Bath

Plus yoga, detox diets, fitness classes, and advanced preventative medical care. Stem cell treatment includes a Sandqvist stem cell facility.

The company believes that as Iceland is one of the fastest growing tourisms destinations in the world, and a central location between the Eastern US and Europe, this location will provide a perfect location to expand the Biostem business model for cellular treatments. Buildings are being renovated and a 100-room spa is planned.

Biostem already offers stem cell treatment within San Javier Hospital in Guadalajara Mexico. Specializing in cardiovascular, auto-immune, joints, and anti-aging protocols using the patient’s own stem cells, the company claims to increase the quality of a patient’s life.