Rise In Online Surgery Consultations In The UK

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) reports a major upswing in demand for virtual consultations, but urges the public to remain cautious.

Despite predicted financial strains from COVID-19, cosmetic surgery patients have still been researching and looking for procedures. Most surgeons now offer virtual consultations, with some BAAPS members reporting a 60-70% rise.

While being able to communicate with patients and carry out consultations online has been a welcome addition to many surgeons’ practices, the association is urging the public to be cautious and vigilant and to seek quality advice to ensure their safety is a number one priority.

BAAPS states that there are clear advantages to doing a video consultation, including that patients do not need to take a day off work to see a doctor and do not need to find the clinic and make their way there. The association also recognises that a teleconsultation can also be organised much more easily than a face-to-face consultation with most clinics and surgeons.

BAAPS urges patients, however, to ensure that that they find a surgeon who is registered and has all the appropriate qualifications, including having the letters “FRCS plast” after their name.

They also urge caution when it comes to making a decision based solely on online reviews. While online reviews and photographs can be an essential part of choosing a surgeon, they do not necessarily represent all leaders in the field.

BAAPS stresses that any video consultation should be followed by a clinical examination face-to-face, before planning any surgery.