SafeCare’s free app for healthcare facilities

SafeCare has introduced a free, globally accessible mobile app that evaluates and helps to improve a healthcare provider’s capacity to manage COVID-19 patients effectively and safely.

SafeCare has developed the ‘SafeCare4Covid app’ using data, documentation and guidelines developed by the World Health Organization, to prepare and support healthcare providers for COVID-19 worldwide.

The platform enables facility staff to conduct a self-assessment using their own mobile devices any time. It will enable them to rate their own performance regarding how efficiently they have complied with the COVID-19 safety protocols in the facility.

This is real-time quick and effective way of determining existing gaps in the health facilities’ preparedness towards COVID-19 management.

With the app, providers can also evaluate the availability of equipment, supplies and staff, as well as assess their processes and knowledge to handle COVID-19 while staying safe.

The app is free and designed for healthcare facilities, big or small, public or private.

SafeCare is a healthcare assessment organisation focusing on healthcare systems in Africa. It believes that no matter where in the world they are, healthcare facilities are currently facing similar challenges – preparing and maintaining an environment that reduces risk of infection – whilst continuing to provide health services for their community.

6,000 SafeCare quality assessments have been performed in sub-Saharan Africa.