Six key source countries drive Greek tourism

Greek tourism is heavily dependent on its main markets of Germany, UK, USA, France, Italy and Russia, while five of the country’s 13 regions accounted for over 80% of visits, according to 2018 data from the Institute of the Greek Tourism Confederation (INSETE). To develop medical tourism, Greece must understand these key source markets and tailor pricing, services and marketing accordingly.

The study based on Bank of Greece data shows that total tourism arrivals in Greece in 2018 were 34.83 million, 12% up on 2017. Travel receipts were up 10% to €15.65 billion, while the number of nights spent in Greece by tourists in 2018 reached 227 million, up 8% on 2017. The average stay duration in Greece per visitor was six-and-a-half nights.

Its main source markets are Germany, UK, USA, France, Italy and Russia. These six countries account for 41% of visitors, 50% of overnights stays in Greece and 52% of travel takings.

Germany is the key to Greek tourism, with travel receipts from Germans at €3 billion, while Germans accounted for 13% of overnight stays (42.5 million) and 18% of visitors (4.3 million), topping all three statistical categories.

The UK ranked second in terms of revenues and overnight stays, and third in visitor numbers: UK numbers are declining with 2% fewer visitors than 2017, 6% less in takings and 6% fewer nights stayed.

The 1.09 million US visitors made their country the eighth biggest market for arrivals, but they were third in spending at over €1 billion, and fifth in nights stayed (11.6 million).

If Greece is to fully develop health and medical tourism then it must understand that these are the target markets but as each has different needs, then marketing, pricing and services have to be tailored to each country.