Six new hospitals for Sarawak

Sarawak will have six new private hospitals, which is seen as a great opportunity for medical tourism.

Six new private hospitals are being constructed in Sarawak, which is seen a great opportunity for Malaysia to attract more medical tourists.

The government’s policy is to attract more medical tourists into Sarawak. Six new private hospitals are being built to add to existing ones. Kuching and Bintulu will each have three hospitals. Currently there are 11 licensed private hospitals providing multi-disciplined health services in the state.

The ministry together with travel agents and hotels in Sarawak are promoting medical tourism to customers and the tourist trade.

Medical tourism in Sarawak is booming due to the quality of health services in private hospitals coupled with the relatively low prices.

The state government says that medical tourists from Indonesia top the list, with 24,267 arrivals in 2016 and more expected for 2017. This is followed by China, with 2029 arrivals in 2016.

The state is keen to assure citizens that neither hospital availability nor prices will be affected. Professional fees are regulated by the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998.