South Korea certifies eleven wellness destinations

Eleven wellness tourist destinations that harmonise Jeju Island’s natural resources, culture, and villages have been selected.

In May, Jeju enacted the “Ordinance on the Promotion and Support of Wellness Tourism” for the first time in Korea, introducing the Jeju Wellness Tourism Certification.

Through these selections, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and the Jeju Tourism Organisation (JTO) aim to create a healthy travelling culture in Jeju.

The wellness tourist destinations consist of four categories:

  • Healing in nature and forests.
  • Healing and meditation.
  • Beauty and spa.
  • Healing through encounters and entertainment.

During the three-year certification period, JTO will support certified businesses to increase sales and boost their operations through online and offline adverts and product sales promotions.

The programme will also provide education and training to improve the quality of wellness tourism products and help destinations learn about business and enhancing tourist satisfaction.

Among the eleven selected sites, four locations in the nature and forest healing category include Meochewat Forest Trail, Seogwipo Healing Forest, Papaville, and Hwansang Forest Gotjawal Park.

In the healing and meditation category, Jeju 901, Jeju Healing Meditation Centre, and Chuidasun Resort were chosen.

In the beauty and spa category, the Wellness Centre at the WE Hotel was selected.

For encounters and entertainment, the convergence of resident-led village tours and wellness tourism at Gamoemul, Sinheung 2-ri Dongbaek Village, and Polgae Cooperative Association were designated.