Spain hopes to welcome tourists from June

Spain has said it will welcome tourists, health tourists and medical tourists from June, following a pilot trial of digital health certificates at all 46 Spanish airports in May.

If the EU digital passport is ready, Spain is going to be ready in June to use this digital certificate. It is also launching its own digital vaccine certificate.

If not, Spain will still welcome people from all over the world.

Travel will only be possible for those who are able to confirm either a negative Covid-19 test result, proof of vaccination against the virus or confirmation that they were immune due to having already recovered from infection.

Spanish tourism authorities have launched a drive to encourage UK travellers back to the country, as this nation accounts for a major proportion of tourists, health tourists and medical tourists.

Outbound UK travel is dependent on its government lifting the embargo on foreign travel from mid-May.

UK authorities plan to allow travel to selected countries including Spain, but only for those able to show they have been vaccinated.

Practical matters on how inbound and outbound travel will work have not been fully worked out or agreed between countries so it is probable that tourism will return but medical tourism take longer.