Spain: promoting Barcelona as a medical destination

Barcelona is promoting itself as a destination for specialised medical care. Part of the campaign is Barcelona Medical Destination (BMD), a programme run by the Government of Catalonia through the Catalan Tourist Board in partnership with the two medical associations, the Barcelona Medical Centre and the Barcelona Medical Agency, which bring together the leading medical centres in Catalonia and, particularly, in Barcelona.

Catalonia, with its capital Barcelona, is a Mediterranean destination with a millennium of history, its own culture and language, and a temperate and mild climate, characterised by dry, warm summers and moderately cool winters.

The region is a small but extremely diverse and rich territory. Roman and medieval remains stand beside architecture by great masters, from Gaudí to Norman Foster, and century-old businesses and handicraft workshops share neighbourhoods with shops and luxury hotels.

BMD is a platform of medical centres, hospitals and clinics, whose aim is to promote Catalonia as a destination of specialised medical care, based on the excellence of healthcare centres in Spain, and particularly of the city of Barcelona.

The platform has 13 care centres, of which seven are general hospitals, six are specialist centres and some are university hospitals. All of them cover 15 medical specialisations, and cater for foreign patients.

More than 20,000 international patients visit the region every year to receive medical treatment or surgery in all specialties, using advanced technologies found in Barcelona hospitals.

All hospitals that are part of Barcelona Medical Destination platform offer modern and comfortable facilities aimed at guaranteeing high levels of wellbeing to patients and their relatives, combining personalised care and a quality of medical service with the support of the latest technology.

All hospitals in Barcelona have adapted to Covid-security measures, with clearly defined hygiene and protection protocols based on the scientific evidence available. Diagnostic protocols are designed for different patient profiles. All hospitals offer tele-visits and video consultations to help guarantee patient safety.

This article has been sponsored by the Catalan Tourism Board.