Thailand Wellness Economic Corridors

To develop Thailand’s upcoming wellness projects in regions away from the crowded capital, the Medical Hub Board has agreed to set up a Thailand Wellness Economic Corridor (TWC) in the South.

The TWC project will support medical, health and wellness tourism and is expected to boost the sluggish economy and elevate the nation’s reputation as a premier destination for medical tourists.

The Medical Hub Board endorsed Songkhla as a sub-regional hub due to its strong emergency medical services and accessibility.

The board also has the Andaman Wellness Corridor (AWC) development plan, positioning AWC as a wellness centre for the world. Located in the Andaman coastal provinces, it will combine a medical centre, dental centre, spa, and other wellness services.

Investments in a number of mega-projects include the establishment of both Udonthani Green Medical Town (UGDMT), which aims to support all wellness businesses, and a cancer centre.

The board plans to create a ‘super licence’ process so firms can gain permits faster with a single rather than multiple applications.

Thailand earns 80,000–120,000 baht (US$2,000-3,145) on average from each medical or health and wellness tourist, the government claims.