Thailand’s BDMS launches Wellness Clinic Retreat

BDMS Wellness Clinic has partnered with Minor Hotels to launch BDMS Wellness Clinic Retreat at Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, with the goal of adding value to Thailand’s tourism industry through professional holistic wellness.

BDMS Wellness Clinic believes that people are prioritising preventive measures to improve their wellness and longevity, which is driving medical and wellness tourism demand from tourists,

Wellness is regarded as a key part of the future of Thailand’s medical tourism industry, which is rapidly expanding. The trend is expected to continue once borders reopen fully.

This newly opened Preventive Health Care Centre is providing ways in which guests can feel connected to nature while receiving counselling and medical services from a professional team.

Minor Hotels is one of Thailand’s largest hotel operators with 535 hotels and 75,000 guest rooms. The group has said there is a plan to join BDMS to open a similar centre in Phuket in the future, and that it expects this collaboration will encourage other stakeholders to invest in the country’s medical and wellness tourism.

Thailand has a ten-year strategic plan to establish itself as an international medical destination, with four priorities:

  • healthcare
  • medical services
  • academic activities
  • medical products


The Thai Government is stepping up efforts to promote medical tourism in combination with traditional herbal products while developing images of herbal cities to introduce its medical tourism destinations.

This year, authorities in Thailand have approved guidance for developing the Andaman Wellness Corridor (AWC), which aims to enhance the competitiveness of medical tourism in four provinces in the Andaman coast, namely Phuket, Krabi, Phang Nga and Ranong