Thomson Iskander project

TMC Life Sciences proposes a new medical centre in Johor.

TMC Life Sciences plans a new medical centre in Johor at a cost of RM1.2 billion.

Thomson Iskandar will be developed in the proposed Vantage Bay Healthcare City in Johor Bahru to attract medical tourists from Singapore and across the region.

It will be managed in partnership with Singapore-based Thomson Medical Group and on completion, will house the 500-bed Iskandaria Hospital, 400 medical suites plus related health and wellness facilities.

The first phase will be Tropicana Medical Centre Kota Damansara and the second phase will be the hospital in Johor (Thomson Iskandar). It is awaiting final planning approval before commencing construction works in October.

Medical tourism contributes 10% to 15% of TMC group revenue, mostly from fertility services. With a new expansion at Johor, the group is targeting 30% of revenue from medical tourism.