Top wellness travel trends for 2023

Health and Fitness Travel, the wellness holiday specialists, have published their predictions for the top wellness travel trends for 2023. Medical tourism needs to understand these trends and in particular look closer at train and coach travel rather than just air travel.

These trends include immunity-increasing retreats, family wellness retreats as well as emotional healing.

With an increasing need to make environmentally conscious travel decisions, the wellness travel industry is responding by providing healthy retreat experiences that cater to the needs of travellers and the planet.

There is a marked uptick in travellers seeking to enhance their immunity, switch to a plant-based diet and enjoy more affordable and eco-friendly retreats.   The trends predicted include:

Body Immunity

Health anxiety and Long Covid have left people more determined to maintain wellbeing of their body. Body immunity retreats are an opportunity to travel.

Animal Therapy Retreats

Being around animals can be hugely beneficial to mental health. Retreats don’t have to be completely rounded to animal therapy but the company of other creatures amongst other activities is still greatly advantageous.

Air-Free Travel

Environmental concerns have influenced travellers’ attitude to travelling. Air-free travel is an accessible alternative form of travelling. The embrace of slower travels makes the journey to luxury resorts all that more special.

Affordable Retreats

In the current cost of living crisis, for many, holidays are last on the agenda when considering where to budget their money. Many are still eager to get a holiday but are looking for cheaper options to accommodate their reduced disposable income. More affordable retreats that offer value for money and provide tangible wellness benefits are set to be a big trend for wellness travel in 2023.

Emotional Healing Retreats

Discussions around mental health are becoming regular, with a greater awareness for the range of difficulties faced by people. Emotional healing retreats bring the opportunity for people that are living with depression, anxiety, PTSD and trauma to be exposed to comprehensive wellness experiences and learn the tools to live happier and healthier lives. These retreats use nutrition, exercise and a variety of wellness and mental health therapies to help travellers enhance their mental wellbeing in a meaningful and lasting way.

Addiction Retreats

A retreat away where customers can have a full digital detox, can help reset their relationship with technology, making it a more positive one. If looking to detoxify from other substances including alcohol, drugs, and smoking, then a change of environment, where everyday stress is relieved and experienced medical professionals are on hand to help provides the perfect environment to help kick ill habits for good.

Family Wellness Retreats

Time with loved ones is precious and as parenting styles change, the traditional family beach holiday is being looked over for more comprehensive family wellness holidays that prioritise being active and exploring wellbeing. On these wellness holidays there is often a range of activities available and opportunities for families to spend time together.