Two firms link up to offer new medical travel insurance

Specialist American travel insurance intermediary Seven Corners has signed US medical tourism agency Healthbase as the first preferred partner for the bordercross worldwide policy underwritten at Lloyds’ of London. The insurance is for any nationality, but the patient must be travelling outside the country they live in.

Saroja Mohanasundaram, chief executive of Healthbase, said: “We are the only medical travel facilitator to provide a custom insurance programme to our clients as a further commitment to providing high-quality medical travel services at an affordable cost.”

The insurance plan provides Healthbase patients coverage for the treatment of common surgical complications such as adverse reactions to anesthesia, stroke, myocardial infarction, deep vein thrombosis and infections.

Jim Krampen of Seven Corners said: “The medical complication benefits we designed for Healthbase clients will provide peace of mind and cover the cost to treat medical complications abroad and when they return home.”

Healthbase has a large number of internationally accredited hospitals in 14 countries, including India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Singapore, Thailand, Panama, Turkey, Belgium, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hungary, Brazil and the US.

Healthbase customers do not all live in the US. There are plans to add more destination countries soon – Canada, the UK, Jordan, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Seven Corners originally planned to only sell via medical tourism agencies, but progress on this has been so slow that they are now also offering to quote direct to medical tourists.