Using health tech to attract patients to the Caymans

One of the Caribbean’s major hospitals, Health City Cayman Islands, is on a mission to roll out new technologies to improve both surgical outcomes and procedure length. With COVID-19 restrictions being lessened and people more willing to travel, the hospital is hoping that the offer of game-changing technology will attract overseas patients.

Health City Cayman Islands has recently announced the acquisition of new technology to improve orthopaedic surgical outcomes.

It has bought the Smith+Nephew INTELLIO Connected Tower Solution, with 4K technology, which enhances the view of surgical areas, particularly in orthopaedic joint repair and replacement procedures. The hospital says it will allow surgeons to do more procedures in a shorter time, with a consistent result across all surgeries.

Health City Cayman Islands also recently introduced robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery to the list of medical services the facility offers through a partnership with local health care provider OceanMed.