Vietnam fully opens 15 March

Closeup of a female traveler showing her vaccination passport on phone to ground attendant at airport. Woman check in at airport during pandemic with immunity passport.

Vietnam’s tourism ministry has rejected a proposal by the health ministry to increase isolation time and Covid-19 tests for foreign tourists entering Vietnam. From March 15, the country will fully reopen inbound tourism, with foreign tourists allowed to visit the country without booking tour packages. All visitors must use the PC-Covid health declaration app during their stay.

The National Administration of Tourism has confirmed that the plan to reopen tourism starting March 15 has retained its initial requirement that foreign tourists head immediately to their accommodation within 24 hours after entry to be tested for Covid-19. Entrants entering Vietnam either on land or at sea will be tested at the border.

Tourists and medical tourists will still need either Covid-19 vaccination certificates or proof they have recovered from Covid-19 to enter.

Vietnam had 18 million tourists in 2019 but only 157,000 in 2021, bringing medical tourism to a halt.