Vietnam international flights resume

Vietnam has removed its COVID-19 restrictions on international passenger flights with all markets with no limitation on the number of flights. Inbound medical tourism can restart slowly.

Vietnam began gradually resuming international flights with 15 markets from the beginning of this year while easing quarantine requirements, with vaccinated passengers now needing only three days of self-isolation.

Vietnam’s Tourism ministry seeks resumption of the pre-pandemic visa waiver policy for tourists, with Cambodians eligible for 30 days stay.

The ministry has proposed March 31, 2022, to be the beginning of the total reopening of international tourism as the country expects to finish its COVID-19 vaccine booster shot campaign by then.

The list of 24 countries on the visa exemption list comprises Brunei, Myanmar (for 14-day stay or less), the Philippines (21-day stay), Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Kyrgyzstan (no more than 30-day stay), Belarus, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Finland, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain (less than 15-day stay), Chile and France (stays of 90 days in total in six months).

Arrivals from 46 countries may enter on e-visas, as before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and the country closed its border.

The tourism ministry wants the Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be on board with this policy.

The Ministry of Health is expected to provide medical guidelines for arrivals, and technical guidance to monitor and deal with COVID-19 outbreaks in the new normal, which are consistent with existing regulations in many other countries.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism requested the Government direct the Ministry of Information and Communications to assume prime responsibility in selecting a uniform mobile COVID-19 app that foreign arrivals need to use during their stay.

The People’s Committees of provinces/cities need to proactively prepare conditions to open tourism, uniformly operate, closely supervise the welcoming of guests to ensure safety, while having plans to handle medical issues arising from tourism.

If, as is expected, the full reopening removes the need for any quarantine, dental and cosmetic tourism can resume, particularly from key markets Cambodia, Laos and Singapore.