Wellness tourism coming to Antigua

The first of several 5-Star Ayre Resort luxury properties planned around the world will be developed in Antigua

Each Ayre Resort will offer the Ayre Wellness Centre and Spa plus a casino, beach clubs and restaurants.

The Ayre Wellness Centre and Spa focuses on optimal-aging, which is the ability to function throughout life, physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. Through the application of advanced sciences, optimal-aging medicine aims to improve or maintain each person’s capacity for a high quality of life. This involves early detection, prevention, treatment and reversal of aging-related conditions. Using nutrition, targeted nutraceuticals, detoxification, stress reduction and hormonal balance, Ayre Wellness Centre and Spas seek to help customers live the best life.

The Antigua resort will cost more than US$100m and will open in 2021. This resort will target successful wellness seekers, a new market segment of tourism on the island. The Antigua property is designed with multiple bars and restaurants, as well as a convention centre. The resort’s hotel accommodation comprises 80 large studio suites and 30 luxurious one bedroom suites. In addition, 8 luxury condominiums, 8 town houses and 3 villas will be offered for sale. The cost is borne by profits made from Bitcoin trading.

The developer, Ayre Resorts, is part of the Antigua based Ayre Group, owned by Canadian entrepreneur Calvin Ayre. Ayre has real estate holdings in several countries around the globe, including multiple properties in Antigua and the Philippines.