Hartford Care to trial room sensor technology

Hartford Care has partnered with Norwegian company Sensio in a four-month trial that will aim to minimise the risk of resident falls.

Sensio’s RoomMate, which will be trialled at a care home in Portsmouth, Hampshire, will track sleep patterns by showing when people are waking or getting up during the night.

It uses an anonymised infra-red 3D sensor, rather than cameras. Sensors can detect movements, from the resident sitting up in bed, to them getting up from a chair or leaving the room, so appropriate action can be taken by staff.

The technology works by an alarm being raised by the sensor if there is movement within a resident’s room. Staff can then check what kind of an alarm it is via the RoomMate app on a phone, tablet or computer. If further information is needed, an anonymous snapshot of the incident is shared, so carers know whether they need to attend or if the resident is moving around safely.

‘It’s a very exciting prospect to be the first care home in the UK to be trialling RoomMate,’ said Kevin Shaw, Hartford Care chief executive. ‘This is ground-breaking technology which could help our entire industry develop and evolve…’

Johan Anstensrud, Sensio CEO, added: ‘For years it has proven to be a success in Scandinavia, preventing falls, injuries and ailments, and giving more time for personal care. I am looking forward to continuing this exciting journey also in the UK, together with Hartford Care.’