Scottish Care sets out key priorities for next government

Scottish Care is calling for an independent review of costs for care home residents and an updated national contract to reflect the range of support offered by providers.

The representative body has set out key priorities for the next government, ahead of the Scottish parliamentary elections next month, in a manifesto.

It argues the National Care Home Contract needs to be updated as it no longer provides stability to the sector. ‘Additional resources are needed to support those living with dementia or advanced neurological conditions,’ it said.

The contract is an agreement between providers and local authorities for the provision of facilities for those who have been assessed as requiring residential care.

It also said homecare commissioning and contracting between authorities and providers had been one sided, creating ‘a sense of mistrust’.

The manifesto covers eight areas, including a human rights and equality-based approach to social care, workforce, financial sustainability, technology and digital choice, and a National Care Service.

In February, an independent review of adult social care chaired by Derek Feeley made 52 recommendations, including a National Care Service and Minister for Social Care to help drive improvements in the way provision is delivered.

‘We are at a standpoint for social care,’ said Scottish Care national director Karen Hedge. ‘The pandemic has highlighted the potential of the sector; the agility of our providers and the dedication and skill of our workforce.

‘This, coupled with the review of adult social care, has changed parameters and expectations of the sector making the forthcoming election a critical opportunity to address the eight areas of focus outlined by Scottish Care in their social care covenant, so that we can get this right for the people of Scotland.