Tunstall Healthcare launches professional development courses

Tunstall Healthcare is launching a range of continuing professional development (CPD) accredited courses, as part of its investment in the next generation of health, housing and social care employees.

Part of ‘Tunstall Academy’, the courses have been developed by Training Accreditation Programme and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development accredited trainers.

The courses aim to strengthen knowledge and expertise of professionals in areas related to health and care technology. Courses will focus on telehealth, followed by remote management and telecare.

CPD courses enable professionals to stay up to date with current and best practice in their chosen field, improving their skills. Tunstall also offers non-CPD accredited courses designed to upskill people working in monitoring centres and group living environments as well as those delivering telecare and telehealth services.

‘We are committed to educating and upskilling the next generation of professionals in the use of telecare and telehealth technology to modernise our health, housing and social care systems,’ said Andy Hart, head of technical delivery and support at Tunstall Healthcare.

‘Technology enabled care solutions support individuals to live independently for longer and alleviate pressures on care and health services. It’s crucial that professionals are aware of the benefits of technology within service provision so that it can be deployed effectively, and education plays a key role in achieving this.’

Training is delivered using a variety of methods including face-to-face, online video and e-learning.

Gavin Bashar, UK managing director at Tunstall Healthcare, added that the role of technology in adult social care had been ‘radically reshaped’ over the past couple of years. ‘We must therefore work to upskill staff members in these sectors to improve care service delivery, facilitate collaboration, and build a bigger and better workforce post-Covid.’

Tunstall Academy aims to help raise awareness of the value and potential of technology across health, housing, and social care, and increase the benefits to users, carers, professionals and providers.