UKHCA calls for £8bn injection in social care

An extra £8bn per year should be injected into the sector, with councils and the NHS required to work with providers to calculate and pay the real costs of care.

The United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA) is urging political parties, and candidates standing for election, to commit to ensuring almost one million older and disabled people receiving care in their own homes can remain healthy and independent.

It also wants to see plans in place that allow family members to combine caring responsibilities with family life and employment.

In its manifesto the representative body is calling on the next government to make seven commitments.

These are making care and support at home an affordable and available option; helping relieve pressure on the NHS through homecare; developing and expanding the workforce; making it easier for people to plan and pay for services; creating a state-funded social care market; ensuring the public are protected through regulation; and promoting innovation and best practice.