UK and Japan to collaborate on improving lives of older people

Prime Minister Theresa May welcomed Shinz? Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, to London. Aspart of his visit they travelled to Twickenham rugby stadium for a tour of The History of Rugby in Japan exhibition and to meet school groups playing a rugby competition.

The UK and Japan will collaborate on innovation and using new technologies to help improve the quality of life for older people.

Work will be carried out on how robots, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things can help people live a better quality of longer life.

The two countries will work together to launch a smart assisted living initiative and showcase results at events such as Japan’s Well Aging Society Summit and Global Round Table for Dementia.

They will also cooperate on nutrition, infectious diseases and regenerative medicine.

The announcement was made by the prime ministers of each country, Theresa May and Shinzo Abe (both pictured), during his visit to the UK.

In May, a Nuffield Trust report said that the UK government could learn lessons from Japan in how it plans to reform the long-term care of older people.