Totally secures £16.8m urgent care contract extension

Out-of-hours and urgent care provider Totally plc has secured two additional 12-month contract extensions worth £16.8m.

The deal has been awarded to the group’s urgent care division through its subsidiary Vocare, which provides services to the NHS helping to relieve Covid-19 pressures.

Vocare will continue to provide integrated urgent care services for the Staffordshire and Stoke clinical commissioning groups. The contract, which is valued at £15.9m, will start on 1 April. Additionally, one of Vocare’s contracts for the provision of GP out of hours services in Yorkshire, valued at £900,000, has also been extended and is set to begin 1 March.

‘The pandemic has brought unprecedented strain on the National Health Service and we are proud of the work we are doing alongside NHS commissioners to alleviate these pressures,’ said Wendy Lawrence, CEO of Totally.

‘Whilst demand for urgent care services increases, we are also continuing to support NHS trusts and hospitals to reduce current patient waiting lists, which have risen significantly throughout the pandemic.

‘We are pleased to report that our subsidiary Totally Healthcare, which delivers high quality insourcing services across the UK, continues to expand its footprint in the North East of England working alongside three large hospitals to reduce the number of patients waiting for treatment.’

In January, Totally was awarded £7.2m worth of contract extensions and continued funding to pilot Covid-19 specific clinical services.