New GenesisCare CMO will help guide UK expansion

Dr Eliot Sims, CMO, GenesisCare

Cancer care provider GenesisCare has appointed Dr Eliot Sims as UK chief medical officer.

Sims, who has 25 years’ experience in oncology leadership and care in the NHS, will play a key role in enhancing patient access to innovative therapies and techniques as well as exploring opportunities for further growth.

Previously a clinical oncologist in the NHS, Sims has a special interest in the treatment of breast cancer patients.He has worked with GenesisCare for four years as both a member of its Clinical Leadership Forum and chair of its Breast Clinical Reference Group, and cares for patients at the GenesisCare Chelmsford site.

Commenting on his appointment, Dr Wally Curran, GenesisCare global CMO, said: ‘I’m thrilled that Dr Eliot Sims will play a critical clinical leadership role at GenesisCare. His unique expertise from the NHS will positively complement our enhanced quality, safety, and clinical governance focus, as we support patients in their treatment journeys and maintain vital care with confidence.’

GenesisCare has rapidly expanded its diagnostic services in recent months while adapting its treatment protocols to ensure patient safety during the Covid-19 pandemic. It has recently added two new advanced radiotherapy centres to its network in Bristol and London’s Cromwell Hospital.

Dr Sims will collaborate with independent care providers and external shareholders to ensure provision of high qualitytreatment in Covid-safe clinics while working closely with the UK leadership team and wider clinical community to guide the company’s expansion.

‘I am looking forward to working with my surgical and oncology colleagues to build on GenesisCare’s successes over the coming years. Cancer treatment has never been more important and I am delighted to work with my fellows who are committed to providing patients with safe and outstanding care, whilst continually expanding our fields of research and innovation,’ said Sims.