AXA Health app launched for large corporates

Tracy Garrad, CEO AXA PPP healthcare

AXA Health has launched a ‘whole of workplace’ app for large corporate clients.

The AXA Health app has been created in conjunction with clinical experts and behavioural scientists and guides users through the steps they need to take to improve their physical fitness and mental wellbeing.

It also signposts users to other AXA Health services they may have as part of their employee benefits and provides corporate clients with greater insight into the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

The app brings together physical and mental wellbeing assessments with onward recommendations, coaching programmes provided by experts, line-manager support, and relevant clinical services.

Crucially, employers can access reports on utilisation and engagement data to help aid future investment decisions and shape wellbeing strategy.

AXA Health CEO Tracy Garrad said the app would help ensure it was addressing customer’ needs.

This is a further example of how AXA Health is putting its customers first, and the benefit to employers is clear – a workforce empowered with accessible tools for self-help, self-care and connection to trusted expert support,’ she said.