Benenden Hospital launches liver scanning service

Benenden Hospital in Kent has launched a new liver ultrasound screening service using the first ACUSON Sequoia Crown ultrasound systems from Siemens Healthineers to be deployed in the UK.

The service is the first of its kind to be available in the South East and aligns with NICE guidance, which recognises liver ultrasound as an effective technique for early detection of liver disease.

It includes assessments of liver stiffness and fat quantification using Ultrasound Derived Fat Fraction (UDFF) technology, while visualising liver tissue for disease indications. Additionally, the system can scan the broader abdominal area to detect conditions that mimic liver disease, eliminating the need for multiple scanning appointments.

Previously, gastroenterology consultants at Benenden Hospital, particularly those specialising in hepatology, had to refer patients to local NHS facilities for liver scans following abnormal liver blood tests. The new in-house system allows trained sonographers at the hospital to perform scans on-site, potentially reducing the time to intervention by up to five months.

Ali Turner, director of clinical services at Benenden Hospital, said: ‘Now armed with our own, precise, image-led scans we can confidently assess liver health with our trained sonographers. The clarity of the imaging and diagnostic reporting is fantastic.’