Benenden Hospital launches new prostate treatment

Benenden Hospital has installed a PROCEPT BioRobotics Aquabeam robotic-assisted Aquablation surgery system, making it the first private hospital in Kent to offer the treatment.

The system treats prostate enlargement, also known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), using a robotically controlled water jet to remove overgrown prostate tissue.

The hospital said the procedure, which takes around an hour to complete, will enable it to treat greater patient numbers.

The system uses real-time multi-dimensional imaging to surgically map the prostate and adjust the treatment to each patient’s individual anatomy. High-velocity water jets precisely target and remove excess tissue.

The procedure can result in a lower risk of sexual function side effects in comparison to traditional surgical methods for BPH, reduced recovery time and post-procedure discomfort and reduced risk of infections and post-operative complications due to the minimally invasive aspect of the technology.