Bupa UK supports new quality mark for health information

Bupa UK has announced that it is supporting the Patient Information Forum (PIF) in the development of a new quality mark for health information.

PIF is a membership body for organisations that produce health information and content, and is creating a new quality mark that will allow the public to easily recognise trustworthy and reliable health information. This comes after The Information Standard (NHS England’s health information kitemark) closed in July. 

It’s estimated that 60% of the UK population have low rates of health literacy. The new criteria drafted by the PIF has a greater emphasis on meeting people’s health literacy needs, in addition to meeting quality standards identified by NHS England.

Bupa UK has also provided funding for a pilot, beginning this month, which will test the criteria and validation process for the new quality mark.

‘We know that thousands of people turn to the internet each day for information to help them deal with their health issues. It’s important that the information they access is trustworthy and reliable,’ said Nick Ridgman, Bupa UK’s head of health content. ‘Bupa UK is a longstanding PIF member, so we’re really pleased to be able to support them in developing this new quality mark which will give people reassurance that they’re accessing quality information.’

‘At Bupa UK, we produce a wide range of health information for the general public, as well as for our customers,’ Ridgman continued. ‘The new quality mark will be invaluable in continuing to assure the rigour of our processes, and in building trust with our users. These benefits will be felt across the health information landscape and will help people make more informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.’