Check4Cancer says audit confirms clinical excellence of breast cancer pathway

Cancer screening and diagnostics specialist Check4Cancer has said an audit of its private breast cancer diagnostic pathway confirms its One Stop Breast Clinic network provides clinical excellence for patients experiencing symptoms of breast cancer. 


The audit of over 4,400 patients, published in the European Journal of Surgical Oncology, found that 85% of women seen without GP referral could be reassured and discharged on the same day. The average time to the first appointment attended was 3.5 days, and the average feedback score was 98/100.


Check4Cancer has developed a safe pathway where all clinical, imaging and biopsy investigations are performed on the same day. The pathway is available at all BreastHealth UK clinics, conducted by a network of 65 consultant breast surgeons throughout the UK, with a breast radiologist present in clinic. All surgeons are vetted before joining the network, and must report all investigations performed and results from each case.


Check4Cancer chief medical officer Professor Gordon Wishart said: ‘I am delighted that Check4Cancer has provided patients with rapid access to an accurate and reliable diagnosis, reducing average times to be seen and improving patients’ experience in the private sector. I am also extremely proud of the Check4Cancer team, which continued offering face-to-face consultations and same-day investigations for both insured and self-funding patients with breast symptoms all the way through lockdown, albeit via a slightly reduced network.’