Cygnet Health Care achieves Triangle of Care accreditation

Cygnet Health Care has reached a significant milestone by becoming the first independent health and social care services provider to secure accreditation under the Carers Trust Triangle of Care programme. Four of Cygnet’s services – Cygnet Hospital Sheffield, Cygnet Appletree, Cygnet Fountains, and Cygnet Hospital Hexham – have been recognised for their continued commitment to enhancing collaboration with carers and families.

The one-star accreditation means staff have successfully demonstrated their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of carers. Cygnet now stands alongside NHS Trusts and local authority providers in achieving recognition under the Triangle of Care initiative, which  is an alliance between carers, service users and health professionals that aims to promote safety and recovery and sustain wellbeing in mental health by including and supporting carers.

David Wilmott, director of nursing at Cygnet Health Care, said: ‘We are very proud that these four separate Cygnet Health Care services have been acknowledged by Carers Trust through this accreditation. It is testament to the work being done by our teams to recognise and value the contribution of carers.’

There are an estimated seven million unpaid carers in the UK, representing 13% of those supporting individuals with mental health conditions. The Triangle of Care seeks to harness the insights provided by carers in collaboration with services and mental health professionals.

It incorporates six key principles: prompt identification of carers and their pivotal role, staff training in carer engagement, establishment of confidentiality protocols, designated roles for carer support, provision of comprehensive carer introductions, and the availability of a diverse range of carer support services.

Triangle of Care programme lead at Carers Trust, Sharon Spurling added: ‘Undertaking the Triangle of Care requires commitment from all levels of an organisation to honestly report how the standards are met and to acknowledge where improvements are needed. The four Cygnet hospitals have shown that their work supports wider system change for how carers are recognised and supported as equal and expert partners in care.’

Cygnet recently partnered with Black Belt Advocacy to offer an innovative service providing carers with access to an independent advocate, and recently launched the Cygnet Carer, Family and Friends Charter, outlining its commitment to working collaboratively with carers in the future.

Looking ahead, Wilmott said the organisation planned to expand Triangle of Care accreditation to more services in 2024.