Doctor Care Anywhere partners with Kooth and Koa Health

Dr Bayju Thakar, founder and CEO, Doctor Care Anywhere

Digital health company Doctor Care Anywhere (DCA) has partnered with online mental health services providers Kooth and Koa Health to bolster its offering for patients. 

The partnership comes in response to the rapidly increasing demand for mental health services amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

DCA will now offer access to a range of programmes, including audio clips, meditations and games designed to enhance sleep and relaxation and combat depression, provided by Koa Health.

It will also offer outreach on an anonymous basis to an online peer community through Kooth, with trained professionals monitoring and engaging with users to ensure safety and effectiveness of service at all times.

The services will initially be made available to selected DCA patients.

‘So often, mental health symptoms can be substantially alleviated by early, thoughtful and sensitive interventions, by taking an integrated, holistic approach to treating both physical and mental health conditions,’ said Dr Bayju Thakar, founder and CEO of DCA.

‘We are, therefore, pleased to be working with colleagues at Koa Health and Kooth, who share our vision and passion for providing excellent care, as we enhance our pathways of mental health and wellbeing services, allowing us to continue providing patients with appropriate and timely care.’

Dr Oliver Harrison, CEO of Koa Health said the collaboration would help close the growing demand gap in mental health care and provide patients with access to personalised products which meet their individual mental health needs.

‘Demand for mental health services is stronger than ever and digital services play a crucial role in getting mental health support to people at the right time,’ said Tim Barker, CEO of Kooth.

‘The collaboration with Doctor Care Anywhere provides a real opportunity to bring Kooth’s 20 years of experience and strong track record in delivering high quality mental health services to a wider audience.’