Fortius enters official partnership with Rugby Players Association

Fortius Clinic has expanded its presence in professional sport after entering into an official partnership with the Rugby Players Association (RPA), which represents over 1,200 current and former professional rugby players in England.

Founded in 2009, Fortius Clinic already has partnerships with premier league football and rugby clubs, and is a recognised FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence. Under the new deal, it will support RPA members through their professional careers and during transition into retirement from professional sport.

Jim McAvoy, chief executive, Fortius Clinic said: ‘Fortius provides extensive medical and surgical care to many professional rugby players and teams and we look forward to developing a long-standing partnership with the RPA through which their members will have access to world-class orthopaedic and musculoskeletal care.’

Gaia Bursell, RPA’s head of commercial, added: ‘We are thrilled to have Fortius on board as an RPA partner. The physicality of the modern game means the need for top class medical support is vital to our members, therefore having access to such a reputable orthopaedic group is key to ensure the longevity of their health both during and after their careers.’