HCA Wellington Hospital launches Mako Robotic Arm

Johnathan Miles (right), consultant orthopaedic surgeon alongside the Mako Robotic Arm

HCA’s Wellington Hospital has launched its new Mako Robotic Arm for full and partial knee and hip replacement surgery.

The system can assist surgeons perform complex hip and knee surgeries. Benefits include less pain, quicker recovery, better motion and function, and fewer revisions than standard hip and knee replacement surgeries.

The Mako SmartRobotics system combines three key components – 3D CT-based planning, haptic technology and data analytics – to provide patients with a minimally-invasive surgical option for their full or partial knee or hip replacement.

Jonathan Miles, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at The Wellington Hospital, said: ‘Using the high-level measurement and pre-operative planning offered by the Mako, we will be able to find and fit the optimum joint dimensions, angles and ligament tension for each patient’s implant.

‘This level of precision means we can minimise post-operative pain and bleeding, shorten recovery times and even extend the life-cycle of the joint with a decreased need for revision surgeries.’

Earlier this month, HCA launched a robotic gynaecology service in its London Bridge Hospital to provide improved accuracy, lower infection rates and shorter stay lengths for patients who require surgery.