Health Shield announces new strategic focus on preventative health

Courtney Marsh, Health Shield chief executive

Health Shield has announced a new strategic approach focused on providing preventative workplace health and wellbeing solutions for organisations.

The new approach comes as part of a complete brand evolution and digital transformation and has a specific focus on helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access the preventative and legislative support they need. 

A core element in Health Shield’s new approach is the launch of Breeze, a digital platform that will be available January 2020 direct to employers and via intermediaries. 

Breeze brings together all of the physical, emotional and financial health and wellbeing services that Health Shield provides into one place.

Through Breeze, employees will be able to access a range of services and information from any digital device, including GP Anytime – direct line to a doctor via phone or video chat, 24/7 counselling, cancer screening

Additionally, Health Shield is further developing its Occupational Health capability as part of Breeze with a particular aim to offer affordable services for SMEs. The new proposition will provide Occupational Health risk surveillance assessments, an online support service and Occupational Health management referrals.

‘Our new strategic approach is focused on providing affordable and easy to access preventative health and wellbeing solutions that help people lead happier, healthier and more productive lives,’ said Courtney Marsh, chief executive officer of Health Shield. ‘Through the Breeze platform we are also making available to SMEs the kind of benefits programme, administration and analytics – plus support in line with their legal responsibilities around employee health – to which only their larger counterparts have traditionally enjoyed access.’