Healthcode announces enhancements to e-billing platform

Healthcare technology specialist Healthcode has enhanced the electronic patient billing system it launched in partnership with online platform patientzone in 2019.

As part of the second phase of development, independent practices using the ePractice system can create shortfall letters, details of debt reallocations and payment reminders using ePractice templates. They can then be sent electronically to patients and other payors through the secure portal.

Payors receive a branded collection notice or reminder by email or text with a unique link so they can access the patientzone website securely and pay what is due. As soon as a bill has been settled, they are sent an electronic receipt. Practitioners can set their account to send an email or text confirming the bill has been paid and their ePractice account is automatically updated within 30 minutes so they can keep track of payments.  

Healthcode’s head of business development (ePractice), Kingsley Hollis said: ‘Online billing via patientzone means we can offer Healthcode customers a truly comprehensive electronic billing service whether their transactions are with PMIs, patients or other payors such as embassies or solicitors. With self-funded healthcare predicted to increase in the years ahead, efficient and secure online billing and payments is a must-have’ for independent practices.’