HSSH opens pain management clinic

The Harley Street Specialist Hospital (HSSH) is opening a dedicated pain management clinic led by a team of 14 consultants.

 The team works across a broad range of pain management and will be able to cross-refer within the hospital depending on the specific needs of the patient.

Services include treatment for headaches; neck and back pain; shoulder, upper limb and hand pain; knee, foot and ankle pain; dental pain and pelvic pain.

Treatments focus on conservative management but can include pain injections and surgery.

Marcus Whiteley, chief operating officer at HSSH, which officially opened last summer following a multi-million pound refurbishment, said: ‘Creating proper whole-body solutions for alleviating and managing pain is critical for a person’s emotional wellbeing. Pain is prevalent in our times with one third of all adults in the UK suffering with lower back pain. Around 20% of these people seek advice from their GP. This equates to around 2.6 million patients every year. Our goal is to assist people in taking action to manage a pain free life with treatment and the correct strategies. The breadth of experience that we have in the team is, we believe, unparalleled and we hope to help a lot of people.’