King Edward VII’s Hospital launches robotic surgery service

King Edward VII’s Hospital in central London has launched a new colorectal robotics surgery service.

The hospital’s Precision Surgery Group, which is led by four of the UK’s leading colorectal surgeons, will use the da Vinci Xi robot to perform ultra-precise, minimally invasive procedures for patients with colorectal cancers, benign colorectal conditions and hernias.

According to the hospital, benefits of the new service include faster recovery times, less pain and discomfort, fewer complications and shorter hospital stays.

Clinical director for general surgery at King Edward VII’s Hospital Alexander Von Roon said: ‘Coming together as a team to deliver this service provides specific advantages. Not only does it improve the quality of care, but it allows us to collect important outcomes data using new digital technologies. This is a key teaching tool that not only aids us in driving innovation safely forward, but it standardises best practice and most importantly, improves the quality of our patients’ lives as well as their outcomes.’

King Edward VII’s Hospital CEO Lindsey Condron said investment in the new service was part of broader plans for the hospital and strengthened its reputation as a centre of excellence in key clinical specialities.

‘At King Edward VII’s we are committed to ensuring clinical and surgical excellence for our patients, as well as setting standards in colorectal robotics for years to come,’ she added.