Medicash partners with DNA testing provider

Cash plan provider Medicash has entered into a partnership with Muhdo Health to offer its policyholders access to DNA testing.

Muhdo Health’s DNA insights package provides in-depth insight into an individual’s genetic makeup, including nutrition, gut and heart health, fitness and overall wellbeing.

Under the deal, Medicash customers will be able to purchase the package at a reduced price and will also be able to access the DNA 12 package, which provides monthly insights into genetic health for a full year.

Medicash said the partnership reflects the growing trend towards personalised healthcare solutions and reinforces its position as a leader in the health insurance industry.

Chief executive Sue Weir said: ‘This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our members with access to the latest health and wellness innovations. The personalised insights offered by Muhdo’s DNA Insights package will enable our policyholders to be aware of certain health risks and take control of their health in a way that was not possible before.’

Nathan Berkley, CEO at Muhdo, added: ‘We are excited to partner with Medicash to help customers understand their health at a genetic level, and empower them to make adjustments to their lifestyle to improve their wellbeing through actionable, personalised insights.’