Muhdo and healthcare rm launch DNA-based health programme

Health and wellbeing services provider healthcare rm has entered into partnership with health-tech epigenomics testing specialist Muhdo to deliver a new health screening and coaching programme based on DNA and epigenetic testing.

Designed to deliver highly personalised behavioural change, the ‘Viva’ programme combines Muhdo’s DNA and epigenetic testing with coaching from healthcare rm’s team of experts, including nutritionists, mental health/CBT therapists and fitness specialists.

Epigenetics is the study of how individuals’ fixed DNA and genetic code are influenced by lifestyle choices and behaviour.

Based on saliva samples, Muhdo’s DNA and epigenetic testing measures a range of health-related metrics, such as biological age, to produce a comprehensive report on genetic health risks together with advice and guidance on relevant lifestyle changes, which is delivered via an app.

Available to insurers and employers, the Viva programme is designed to improve personal, organisational and societal health and reduce health risks, using granular individual health metrics, supported by focused behavioural change strategies. 

According to Paul Nattrass, commercial director at healthcare rm, the Viva programme fuses science, technology and human expertise to facilitate positive, sustainable behavioural change and mitigate long-term health risks.

Pamela Gellatly, CEO at healthcare rm, said: ‘We have used Muhdo DNA and epigenetic testing as part of our wellbeing programmes and as a diagnostic tool, and the results have been extremely compelling. The data is fascinating, highly engaging and has enabled our practitioners to provide highly bespoke advice and guidance to facilitate behavioural change, reducing personal health risks and improving quality of life.