Growing interest in longevity medicine

Green diet and sport healthy lifestyle concept with heart

In a new era of 21st century longevity medicine, inspired by research that has identified the lifestyle habits of the world’s healthiest, longest-lived people, the Israeli organisation Blue Zones Center has launched its first international flagship location in Miami, Florida, USA.

The Blue Zones Center is  an advanced healthcare/hospitality hub where medical care, predictive diagnostics, and preventive medicine come together to optimise disease management outcomes and inspire advanced patient well-being and longevity.

The project is at The Legacy Hotel and Residences, the Miami World Centre and consists of a a mixed-use tower that combines lifestyle, hospitality, and longevity.  The Blue Zones Centre includes nine centres in one place:

  • Orthopaedic sports medicine.
  • Lifestyle medicine and health benchmarking.
  • Early diagnosis, precision and longevity medicine.
  • Visible health and vitality.
  • Performance and functional fitness.
  • Behavioural health and mindfulness.
  • Specialised medicine.
  • Eyes, ears, nose and throat.
  • Longevity research.

Blue Zone claims that last year America’s top mayors passed a resolution encouraging cities around the USA to adopt a proactive, systematic approach to health, based on the company’s  model of improving the wellbeing of communities.