New robotic surgery system pioneered at Spire Nottingham

Spire Nottingham Hospital has become the first facility in the UK to offer VELYS™ Orthopaedic Robotic-Assisted surgery for knee replacements.  

The system works by drawing up surgical plans for each patient based on their body shape, which are then followed in the operating theatre by surgeons, who prepare the bone for joint implant.

A robotic arm guides the surgeon so they stay within the right areas to avoid removing healthy bone tissue. During the procedure, the system provides real-time feedback to ensure a high degree of precision and accuracy in placing the implants.

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Benjamin Bloch, who performed the procedure at Spire Nottingham Hospital, said: ‘I’m really excited to have the opportunity to perform the first VELYS™ robotic assisted knee replacement in the UK. I think this technology can hugely improve the outcomes of knee replacements for patients.’

Spire Nottingham Hospital has three consultant surgeons currently trained to operate with the new technology.