Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital installs Mako® robot

Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital is the latest in the 37-strong hospital group’s portfolio to install a Mako® robot.

The system uses a robotic arm to remove damaged bone and cartilage during hip and knee replacements. Implants can then be positioned precisely leading to faster recovery time and less pain.

Mako® robots are already in use at Nuffield Health’s Bournemouth, Glasgow, Cambridge, Exeter, Woking and Cardiff & Vale hospitals.

‘The Mako® robot is at the forefront of technology. I can use it to assist in optimising outcomes for my patients having total and partial knee replacements,’ said Jon Waite, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital.

‘By combining pre-operative scans with specific location points in the knee joint, marked during the operation, I can use the robotic arm to deliver exceptionally accurate bone cuts to ensure the prosthetic components are positioned in exactly the right place for each individual patient, which should give the best chance of a good long-term outcome. The Mako® robotic system has already been shown to reduce soft-tissue damage during surgery resulting in less pain and bleeding post-operatively, thus making rapid recovery easier.’