Phoenix Hospital launches memory clinic

25 Harley Street

Phoenix Hospital Group has launched a memory clinic at its Harley Street site designed to support patients with dementia and other memory-related conditions through early diagnosis.

The service includes an in-depth consultation with a specialist consultant and a comprehensive cognitive assessment designed to provide a full cognitive profile, followed by a blood test and MRI brain scan. All assessments are completed within a week – usually on the same day. Patients then attend a feedback assessment to discuss clinical diagnosis and management strategies.

Specialist consultant in the new clinic Dr Soumit Singhai said: ‘Dementia is a life-changing condition, and feedback from patients and relatives have shown how difficult it often is to know where to seek help. There are often delays in obtaining a diagnosis of memory problems, and the uncertainty adds to the anxiety and stress for patients and their families during what is usually an already difficult time. This is why we are delighted to be launching our new private memory clinic, specifically to help patients suffering from dementia or worried about their memory to receive a quick, reliable diagnosis, while providing a service that is holistic and supportive for all patients.’