The Harley Street Clinic offers new cardiac risk predictor

The Harley Street Clinic has become the first hospital in the UK to offer a new technology which can identify patients at risk of developing a fatal heart condition.

Funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and developed by spinout company Caristo Diagnostics, CaRi-Heart® uses AI technology to discover hidden ‘red flags’ in routine CT angiogram (CCTA) scans. The non-invasive technology produces a biomarker, the Fat Attenuation Index (FAI), which measures inflammation of blood vessels in and around the heart to help identify any ‘ticking-time-bomb’ arteries that could potentially lead to a heart attack in future.

Professor Ronak Rajani, consultant cardiologist at the HCA-owned hospital said: ‘The introduction of CaRi-Heart® exclusively at The Harley Street Clinic is a significant moment for the hospital, and indeed for cardiac disease prevention in the UK. The technology offers hope and reassurance to the large number of patients we see who have heart problems or a family history with heart disease, by allowing them to put preventative measures in place if they are deemed high risk of a heart attack in future.’