The London Clinic to take part in brain cancer treatment trial

Keyoumars Ashkan and Ranj Bhangoo

The London Clinic is to become the first and only UK hospital to participate in a landmark clinical trial for a new brain cancer treatment.

The treatment, called intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT), is for glioblastoma multiforme, a brain cancer with a high mortality rate.

The London Clinic is one of 12 international hospitals taking part in the ‘INTRAGO 2’ phase 3 clinical trial. The trial will look at the results of how IORT can help after the brain tumour is removed.

The clinic has invested in the Zeiss ‘INTRABEAM’ IORT equipment – a mobile X-ray therapy unit which is not widely available in the NHS or at other private hospitals.

‘This approach has been demonstrated to be effective with breast and colorectal cancers and we are optimistic that this new technique can help many people with this aggressive form of brain cancer,’ said Professor Keyoumars Ashkan, consultant neurosurgeon at the London Neurosurgery Partnership. ‘IORT is an innovative technique when a high dose of radiation is given at the same time as the surgical treatment to remove the brain tumour.’

Ranj Bhangoo, consultant neurosurgeon at the London Neurosurgery Partnership, added: ‘The clinical trial is open to new patients with radiologically suspected glioblastoma or those with a previous biopsy or partial resection so long as further surgery to remove the tumour is clinically indicated and there has not been previous treatment with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.’

‘We therefore want consultant oncologists and neurologists to identify people who may be suitable candidates for this clinical trial and refer them early on,’ Bhangoo continued.