US clinic hosts first London education event on cardiovascular practices

The Cleveland Clinic, a provider of cardiovascular care in the US, is hosting international cardiovascular specialists at the Royal Society of Medicine today and tomorrow (13 and 14 September).

The event will analyse practices in cardiovascular medicine and surgery, aiming to drive collaboration between healthcare providers to deliver the best possible patient outcomes.

It will focus on clinic’s new London hospital, which is set to open in spring 2021.

‘Medical innovation and knowledge sharing are central to Cleveland Clinic’s mission,’ said Brian Donley, Cleveland Clinic London chief executive officer. ‘We are very pleased to host our first medical education event in London with an exceptional group of international speakers. We look forward to engaging with UK cardiologists, GPs, nurses and medical students to make this a truly interactive meeting that sparks ongoing discussion.’

Professor Olaf Wendler, chair of the Heart and Vascular Institute at Cleveland Clinic London, said: ’Cleveland Clinic has a global reputation for patient-focused, evidence-based and effective cardiovascular care. This conference, which includes speakers from Cleveland Clinic’s US and UK teams, will focus on the latest developments in cardiovascular therapies and give an insight to future opportunities that will provide patients with exceptional care.’