Wellington Hospital launches Covid-19 rehab service

HCA’s Wellington Hospital in London has launched a post Covid-19 rehabilitation programme providing individually tailored care for patients experiencing long-term symptoms after contracting the novel coronavirus.

The package is based on a multidisciplinary team approach and includes consultant physicians, psychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and dietitians.

Current research suggests that one in twenty Covid-19 patients will experience long-term symptoms for at least a month, with those who required intensive care worst affected. These can include cardiovascular and musculoskeletal deconditioning, pulmonary embolism, mobility and balance issues, and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

With 36 intensive care beds and access to specialists in cardiac, pulmonary, neurological and renal care, the programme is able to support post Covid-19 recovery in the most complex and high-risk cases.

Hospital chief executive Eric Reichle said: ‘In the months since the pandemic began, The Wellington Hospital has performed nearly 2,500 procedures without a single post-operative positive Covid test. With more than twenty years of experience in providing complex acute rehabilitation, our exceptional team of clinicians are ideally placed to offer patients the highest level of expertise through the next stage of their recovery in our new Medical Rehabilitation Programme.’